Debtdom Timeline

Debtdom was rolled out as a 'popup app' at Flux Factory's Debt Positive show in June 2016. We setup a temporary public beta for the durtation of the show, during which time we gathered feedback. Since then, Debtdom was switched back to private mode. Contact us if you're curious about the project!

Simulation Overview

Your goal is to increase your funds. We've given you $6k to start. To buy artwork you will also need one of our loans, secured with a down payment. The artwork's market value increases soon after you buy it and slowly returns to the original value. To profit, quickly draw attention to your collected artwork and find another investor to purchase it. The faster the better, you'll get reimbursed for the unused portion of the loan and get the profit from the sale.

Of course, there are many different investment strategies, but we recommend trading as fast as possible. Your clout as a tastemaker is reflected by your investor score. We've given you 700 to start. Selling an artwork while it's hot increases your score, selling it after it's stale decreases your score, and selling it while it's fading keeps your score locked in.

Flaunt your score to attract other investors and ascend the ranks with the largest fund. Buy your first artwork to start growing your fund now.